Little Boxes

2017, Oct 23    

I noticed a small shipping option on recently in regards to larger items that could be identified by their packaging. I never knew that Amazon would ship a large item, for example a television in its original manufacturer’s box with a shipping label simply stuck to the package. They seem to think that shipping of this kind is acceptable since everyone in the whole world can see that a new television is on its way to you and is most likely sitting outside your front door advertising “steal me” in bright neon lights.

Simple repacking of the item in unmarked boxes or wrapping the package in shipping paper was what I assumed happened without customer intervention. Due to this new option I can only infer that my previous assumption is incorrect.

I recently found something I was wanting to order and was presented with the following statement on the product page:

Ships in Original Packaging: This item’s packaging may indicate what is inside. To cover it, select Ship in Amazon box on the checkout page.

The only problem is that that particular checkout option is not present to click anywhere on

I raised a ticket on Friday, October 20th, 2017 and was told to expect a response in 48 hours in regards to the matter. Later on that day was curious to see if it was an issue with the specific item I wanted or whether it occurred site wide. Of course it was site wide and I started another online chat to indicate that the issue was site wide on I was then told that the issue would be escalated in 24 hours and it would be fixed. Several chats later and 48 hours of time passed and still no fix or acknowledgement of the original ticket.

As of the most recent chat on Monday, October 23, 2017 I have been told that the ticket has still not been acknowledged and no fix was made. The issue has been escalated numerous times. There is apparently no obudsman or any executive customer service. A manager may be able to physically call you within a 5 hour window. I wouldn’t trust this as they can’t address a simple bug on their website. Upon asking if I would receive a response via email in regards to the actual outcome I was met with a resounding NO. They explained that I must contact them in regards to the outcome of the ticket. Tweets to @AmazonHelp go unanswered.

Overall, a pretty lackluster experience.

Amazon doesn’t have a monopoly on the product on offer and yet clearly doesn’t care if a sale is made or not. There is no distinction between a 10 dollar or 10,000 dollar product. All I know is that most merchants would be bending over backwards if one of their customers wanted to buy a high priced product yet could not checkout with the required options. They lost my sale as I will simply obtain it from another retailer.

To further compound the problem here is a simple example where a $5999.99 television cannot be obfuscated while a $158.00 one can be.

$5999.99 television cannot be obfuscated.

$158.00 television can be obfuscated.

UPDATE 2017-11-09

As a last ditch effort I decided to email Jeff Bezos in regards to my experiences on November 6, 2017.

I ended up receiving two very strange phone calls on my personal line on November 8, 2017 from a person purporting to be from Amazon Executive Customer Service. I must note that nowhere in my original email did I say I wanted to be contacted via voice by anybody at Amazon. There is a reason I did not provide my voice number in my original email.

The first message consisted of the caller identifying themselves but did not address who they were calling, the reason for the call or even leave a call back number. They said they would call back in twenty minutes. The second call consisted of a message saying that I would be emailed.

I’ve never seen such unprofessional behaviour in all my years. These calls were also placed after 7pm.

I received an email detailing that my ticket was submitted with incorrect information and was closed. Their support team still loved to string me along telling me that the ticket was still active and in progress. Typical.

As it stands, they say they’re looking into the issue.

The damage has already been done.

UPDATE 2017-11-14

I sent an email on November 8, 2017 indicating my disappointment in the whole process and specifically detailing that I did not want to be contacted by phone among other things. I never received a response.

A second email was sent on November 13, 2017 indicating yet again my disappointment in the whole process. Later that night I received two phone calls from Amazon to my surprise.

There were major technical problems with the line cutting in and out but I managed to ascertain that my first email was never received. I run my own email server and my logs indicate no bounced mail. They have the email somewhere in their system.

I did manage to get a direct phone number to the individual caller that appears to be out of New Mexico. There is no toll free number so if I want to make contact I’ll have to pay long distance charges. Sigh.

I sent another email that night with a rehash of my previous email and asked for confirmation of receipt. This email was received.

As it stands there is no resolution. All you have now is an even more frustrated, annoyed and fed up customer.