BatteryClerk Canada: My Experiences

2022, May 28    


Don’t you hate it when you have electronics that require a specialized battery and the manufacturer either does not sell a replacement directly or they’ve been discontinued completely? I sure do and this is when you start having to delve into the third party network of batteries.

Most are cheap Chinese batteries made to do the part but often have issues themselves as they are often never built to OEM specs. Sourcing these can become expensive and can often take weeks to months for arrival if they do in fact arrive.

So what do you do? Source it directly from China or buy it from a reseller based in your country? I opted for the latter.

This is where BatteryClerk Canada comes in.

I find the battery I’m looking for which is more expensive than the original Chinese sites but I’m willing to pay more to receive it quicker. An order is placed and the fun begins.

Everything is fine until a few days later when I receive an email stating that the order has been canceled with no explanation. I write back an email asking for a reason and am told that there was a pricing error and I may place my order again.

The only problem is that the new price is four times more expensive!

In reality it’s very obvious what happened here. They list every battery known to mankind and only try to source it once someone makes an order. This time the prices have risen yet they are still way overpriced and I know for a fact that it’s not in stock even though their website says it is.

I decided to check out their Google Reviews to see what others are saying about the behavior of this company. 925 reviews on a battery seller company? The red flags are raised here and for good reason.

A quick skim and you can clearly tell the dubious reviews from the legitimate ones. Lots of sketchy behavior going on here based the reviews of others.

For a laugh, I created a tempered review only to have Google themselves never post it. “The Algorithm” is the real reason I suppose.

Those Chinese sites aren’t looking so bad at the moment, patience is the hard part.