Glasslock ie Accent Home Warranty: My Experiences

2023, Apr 01    

Korg Volca 2

Another warranty experience with another failure.

The lid on my Glasslock container broke, there are four tabs to create an airtight seal and one broke off after awhile. The journey begins.

Turns out that Glasslock is a South Korean company and the Canadian distributor is the Accent-Fairchild Group based out of Quebec.

5151 Thimens Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H4R 2C8
1-800-661-6721 doesn’t seem to be easily found on their website for some reason but there is a contact form. Annoying as usual.

The initial email is sent on March 2, 2023 with no response.

A second email is on March 14, 2023 also with no response.

I give them a call at their 1-800-661-6721 number later on in the week and sit on hold until I’m eventually hung up on by their avr system.

I use the contact form on March 30, 2023 and still no response or even receipt of acknowledgement.

Then out of nowhere on April 11, 2023 I receive a response from someone at telling me they no longer produce Glasslock containers and therefore have no parts. That’s odd as they are selling the brand directly on their website. I’ll assume they meant they no longer produce the model I have.

Accent Fairchild Group needs to up their customer service levels. The same old inability to contact someone appears to be the norm. Customer service over the phone has really taken a nose dive in the last few years. Email has always been very hit or miss while leaning heavily on the miss.

So much for that. Poor customer service all around, most other reputable companies would have sent an equivalent model to show good faith. Instead, pound sand and I won’t be buying any Glasslock containers anytime soon.