Joe Boxer: Decline in quality control results in customer loss

2018, Aug 30    

The decline in quality has become very apparent at Joe Boxer. The premium price does not meet with quality expectations.

Unstitched threads and thickness of materials are all suffering in their product which is apparently now made in China.

The photos are from a mere three washes!

Information on the tags are as follows:

RN#: 82088 CA#: 00326

Contacting the provided email address receives no answer.

I’ll be looking for a better alternative, so long.

I did learn the purpose of a RN (registered identification number) and CA (CA Identification Number). The numbers are simply used to replace a company address. RN is for the United States and the CA is for Canada.

82088 is Caulfeild residing in the US.

00326 is Caulfeild residing in Canada.

Tuesday September 4, 2018

I received a response!

Boilerplate nonsense as suspected. Went as far as to explain that my “changes” will be implemented even though I suggested none. Clearly they aren’t even reading their feedback.

Responses are now coming from Caulfeild Apparel Group Ltd who is the parent company in Canada.

Emailed back asking exactly what “changes” will be implemented. No response.

Wednesday September 5, 2018

Since this was going nowhere I decided to contact a senior employee of Caufield. A quick response was received saying that they would look at the situation and get back to me in a couple of hours.

Thursday September 6, 2018

Surprise, Surprise. No response yet again.

I sent off an email detailing yet again my disappointment in their customer service.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

I receive a massive, unformatted wall of text asking and explaining their situation.

  • The product cannot be identified by the photos
  • Now they want place of purchase and date
  • More photos of “actual” product requested
  • A three day response time is perfectly acceptable in their organization
  • Inuendo about false goods in the market is thrown around
  • Was product purchased in this region?
  • Responder ends up cc’ing 4 other people in the organization

Remember when you were supposed to get back to me in a couple of hours? What happened there? Why am I contacting you yet again?

What is up with people cc’ing private conversations with other people in the organization? This seems to be rampant.

Another email is sent back further emphasizing my point but only falls on deaf ears. Continuing to refute my points only makes you look petty at this point.

De-escalation does not seem to be a known term in this company.

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