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2022, Jul 22    

Korg Volca 2

The Korg Volca Sample 2 Digital Sample Sequencer caught my eye recently as it looks like a neat little portable sample based drum machine.

This thing can run on 6 AA batteries but also has a barrel connector for an ac adapter. For some strange reason they do not include the ac adapter in the full package, a huge oversight in my opinion. You can purchase the KA350 9V/1700mA but seems a bit expensive for what it is considering you might have an adapter you can already use.

I emailed the company asking about the technical details for the requirements of the adapter and surprisingly received a detailed response from an actual person not redirecting me to the manual which does not have the supplied information.

Apparently a third party adapter will void your warranty, they must mention this of course as they want you to purchase theirs.

The specs are as follows

1700 mA
Center positive
600 mA minimum current

As for the barrel size it’s an EIAJ-III (1.7x4.75) but they say that it’s an nonstandard size (why am I not surprised?). This should come with the original purchase, a trend that seems to be increasing in a lot of electronics these days.

Good for them to at least provide the information. I’m so used to boilerplate responses these days.