LogiTech Warranty: My Experiences

2020, May 28    

My LogiTech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705’s forward and backward buttons decided to stop working after approximately 2 years. The button was clearly not making contact inside the mouse as the buttons do nothing. This mouse has a 3 year warranty.

Time for a warranty claim.

I call the Canadian support/warranty claims number 1-866-934-5644 as provided on LogiTech’s website.

Option 1 is English and option 2 is French. I choose English. I choose option 2 for customer support. A recorded message states “Due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to take your call” blah, blah, blah and hangs up on you. This has not changed in weeks.

I call the US support/warranty claims number 1-646-454-3200 as provided on LogiTech’s website.

Their response is similar. A recorded response saying that they do NOT have phone support and will ONLY provide support via email.

OK. So have you laid everyone off during COVID-19? Email support is abysmal at the best of times.

I call back the Canadian number and this time choose option 2 for French. A French support agent comes on the line. Success!

They start speaking French and I start speaking English. No issues as they are bilingual. I inquire about the warranty status on my mouse. I state that I can provide the serial number for model/ownership registration.

First things first. A warranty claim cannot be started unless I have a ticket number. I ask to create create a ticket number but they say they cannot over the phone. I must create a number ticket via their website. They refuse to do anything unless I start the process via their website.

Seriously? What’s the point of having a warranty telephone number?!

A couple of days later I decide the check their website for a means of creating a warranty ticket.

This process is a convoluted mess. Their online chat is offline due to COVID-19. You need to fumble about through their poor attempt attempt at an AI customer service bot. This bot will ask you a bunch of questions until you can finally open a case. Awful.

I have my ticket submitted successfully and receive an email that states the following in regards to my “conversation” with the bot: “Chatbot Case”. No information I provided through the chatbot was attached. Useless.

The boilerplate trash of the email states that I can reply to the email and provide additional information if I wish. I respond with the issue, serial numbers and model number.

Days pass with no acknowledgement of the initial email or my additionally provided information.

I call the Canadian support number implementing the French trick to get a human on the line. This time I provide my ticket number and query the status. I inquire about the lack of response and if they are even receiving my emails. There are apparently, they simply choose not to respond.

Discussions are had about completing this simple claim while I’m on the phone with the agent. No. They simply cannot do this, as it would make the customers life easier no doubt. I ask about the procedure and it is stated that they must email me directions and then I can continue. I let them know that email is a joke as they don’t respond and even if they do you’d be lucky to get a single response in a 24 hour period.

The agent states that they will be personally responding to my emails and that I must follow the email directions. They still cannot tell me whether or not my device is within warranty replacement guidelines. It is made clear by myself that I want to resolve this issue within the day and am not willing to have this drag out for weeks on end as they apparently wish.

I am assured that I will receive the email within 10 minutes and that the agent will personally be checking this ticket like a hawk. Yeah right.

The email is received. Another mess of boilerplate text.

The wrong model is provided. Troubleshooting steps that don’t apply to the product. A physical receipt. A picture of the device with the part and handwritten note (on a piece of paper) of the ticket number? All personal information.

Absolutely nothing that was discussed on the phone is in this email.

I respond via email stating the issues with the incorrect model number, providing the serial again and other issues detailing all this information. I’m not going to give you all my personal information unless I know that I will be receiving a replacement under warranty. This has been made very clear.

A couple hours pass with no acknowledgement. I call the Canadian number again.

The French tip is implemented and this time I get a surly French agent. He states “This is the French line and you must call the English line!”. I respond that there is no way to contact an English agent as LogiTech has discontinued that line. He then proceeds to give me the “number” to their English line. My response is that you simply gave me the US phone number and that line has no customer service agents due to COVID-19. I then tell him that you are the only agent that seems to have a problem and that if you do not wish to help me to simply pass me to one of the other agents. He puts me on hold and then hangs up! Typical.

Awesome support LogiTech. I’m livid now.

I call back the “French Connection” and happen to get the same agent whom is supposedly watching my emails “like a hawk”.

I provide my ticket number and ask about the status. They come back on the line stating that they emailed me a 30% coupon on my next purchase from LogiTech. What?! I ask them to read back the ticket number that I just gave them. It’s wrong of course, I provide the 7 digit numeric number again and get them to read it back it me.

OK. We are now in the correct ticket id. I ask the operator if they received my emails. They have. I ask them to read them back to me. They do and they are what I provided.

I ask the burning question: “Why are you not responding to email?”

Silence. Long pause. “You didn’t provide all the information that was requested.”

I’ve had enough at this point.

I eventually extract more information:

They are customer support only. Even though I have called for warranty support, there is NO option for warranty support.

They are the front line; meaning you must go through all their hoops BEFORE they submit a claim to their warranty support. This means you need to go through all this nonsense yet AGAIN with a different department.

The serial number on their products have no bearing on the length of warranty a product carries.

A receipt MUST be provided in addition to determine if the product falls within a warranty period. If it’s a gift too bad.

While I’m on the phone I receive an email from the same person I’m talking to. They send me troubleshooting tips for the same incorrect mouse.

At this point I’m done. I ask to speak with a supervisor.

10 minutes later I’m connected with another agent. They spew forth their information so quickly I can’t even understand it. I proceed to say “Hello”. They say “Hello”. I respond with “Hello”.

For the next 10 minutes the person on the other end is saying “Hello” every 30-45 seconds. I refuse to hang up the line and they clearly have me on mute but they don’t realize it. 10 minutes pass and they other end says “Let me try this”. Beep Bloop. I say “Hello”. They can now hear me.

Eventually they agree to replace the mouse. I ask if I can give my personal information over the phone. Yes of course no problem. After providing the information and having them read back each piece for confirmation, they have my information. I must point out that there were a few mistakes even with this method.

Warranty replacement will be done. I will receive an email with a tracking number. I further ask for their name, title and means of contact phone/email. “Sorry sir we are not allowed to provide such information. I will be monitoring this ticket.” Why am I not surprised.

I check my inbox a few hours later. Lo and behold a response from LogiTech. The only problem is that the email is in Portuguese. I kid you not.

O pedido de substituição foi aprovado e nos próximos dias, você receberá o número de rastreamento da empresa que cuidará do envio do seu produto. Isso pode levar até 5 dias úteis para receber esse número de rastreamento.

Se você tiver dúvidas sobre o processo de entrega, entre em contato com a Fedex e mencione seu número de rastreamento para obter mais informações.

Esse ticket de suporte será fechado, mas não se preocupe, pois se precisar de ajuda novamente, você poderá abrir um novo ticket e, o mais rápido possível, será assistido por um de nossos agentes.

Agradecemos sua paciência durante o processo.

This translates in English to the following:

The replacement order has been approved and in the coming days, you will receive the tracking number of the company that will handle the shipment of your product. This may take up to 5 business days to receive this tracking number.

If you have questions about the delivery process, contact FedEx and mention your tracking number for more information.

This support ticket will be closed, but don’t worry, because if you need help again, you can open a new ticket and, as soon as possible, you will be assisted by one of our agents.

We appreciate your patience during the process.

I receive an automated email in English this time on May 23, 2020. A FedEx tracking number is provided and states that it is shipped. The term “shipped” is of course a misnomer as a digital invoice was created and the actual package was shipped on May 26, 2020. The package was being shipped out of Memphis, Tennessee.

I look over the email a little more closely to see what address they have entered. Remember now, I double checked this with the “supervisor” when providing this information over the phone. The street number address was incorrectly repeated twice. The street name was all lowercase. The street abbreviation was in all caps. This just looks so odd on a packing slip. You usually use sentence case or all caps, not these weird mishmashes.

The actual package is delivered 2 days later on May 28, 2020. The package arrives somewhat crushed and resembling an accordion.

The mouse packaging was a little crushed but it was the right mouse.


What can I say?

Convoluted mess of a process is an understatement.

I would recommend as a bare minimum to verify numbers by reading them back to a customer. There was not a single instance where the operators did this. This itself was the source of numerous problems. I can’t remember any other dealings with any customer support where the agents did not repeat the alphanumeric characters back especially when dealing with 12 characters or more.

No surprises are expected from customer support agents not reading or comprehending emails. Continually asking for information that has been provided on numerous occasions to expedite the process is always unacceptable. This is a trend that will seemingly never be broken.

As usual, the product was replaced but at too high a cost for the customer. So long.