Microsoft Store Video Content Woes

2016, Oct 23    

The Final Girls is free this weekend on the Microsoft store.  I found out about this as I saw something mentioning it on the Xbox 360 console.  Upon clicking on the tile and playing the movie I noticed that it started to play in French only.  The 360 console has the language set to English and my Microsoft account is also set the English yet it still plays in French only.  There is no way to change the language in a video playing on the Xbox 360 console itself.  There is also no way to select the language before playing this free video.

I contacted  Xbox support via chat and they have no idea how to fix my my issue.  Their solution was to buy the video itself despite it being free for the weekend.

The real issue seems to be that you cannot set the language to a video unless you purchase it since it will show a language selection dialog before the purchase.  Why can you not change the language the language on the fly?  Is this a technical limitation?  I'd hate to see what would occur with films that have subtitles or dubbed versions.

I also was curious to see if I could play it in a browser.  Not sure as it requires Silverlight and I refuse to use that garbage.

This was a valuable lesson as I learned that I would never actually purchase any video content from the marketplace.  Thanks for the failed marketing attempt Microsoft.