Reliable Parts: My Experiences

2020, Oct 25    

I have been using Reliable Parts for many years specifically because I know I am receiving OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for appliances.

My microwave recently stopped working. The microwave would turn itself on immediately upon closing the door. After some diagnosing I determined that the door switches were the issue. In my particular case there are 3 microswitches (2 door switches and 1 interlock door switch).

I jump on the website and located the three parts. Unfortunately, 1 of the parts was not in stock and required a backorder.

The website has no indication of how long the backorder will be. I reluctantly place the order. The $10.95 shipping fee is crazy given the size/weight of 3 microswitches.

Three weeks pass and there is no communication. The only thing I see are multiple pre-authorization charges for the full amount of my purchases; there are at least 5 at this point.

Before calling their phone number I check the items stock availability on the website; all are in stock. I call up the number provided in the initial purchase order. 20 minutes later I reach a human and enquire about my order status. Apparently, they have all parts in stock in a warehouse on the opposite side of the country. I ask why they have not shipped them to be in the meantime. Their answer is that they must ship it to my local warehouse and then reship to my address. There is no timeframe for this.

I ask them if there is anything they can do to expedite the process as it has already been 3 weeks. They agree to have the full order shipped to me from currently warehouse and I will receive it after 7 business days. I reluctantly agree.

Enquiries are made by myself regarding their idea of a backorder. I ask why their website shows no indication of a timeframe. Apparently they cannot do this. If you wish to find that type of information you need to call them on the phone and place an order. WOW.

A week and a half pass before I receive the package. 2/3 parts are in the package. I call them back livid. Another 20 minutes before a human answers the phone. At this point, I was just want a refund and will purchase a new microwave. They cannot do refunds over the phone from this individual or from my online order. They must fill out a form and someone else will call me back.

I receive a callback about 30 minutes later. I go through the whole situation and they agree to refund but I must provide my payment information over the phone. Reluctantly I do.

Another pre-authorization charge is made later that day and I finally see a refund.

There is no excuse to not have a proper inventory management system. If your website cannot interact with your inventory you should not be conducting business on the internet.