Schott Zwiesel Boston Shaker Broken After 6 Months

2015, Jun 10    

Really?   6 months and the base portion of the shaker tin breaks off?

Honestly, the design of a Boston shaker is the simplest of bar tools. Why would the bottom piece separate of its own accord? The answer would be the poor construction of a made in China product. The welding points are practically non-existent.

A Boston shaker tin will by definition shrink and expand due heating and cooling. Therefore, proper welding points must be done if one is to last. Obviously this is not the case.

I find it really annoying that the company charges a premium price of over 30 dollars at a minimum when I can get the equivalent or better at half the price.

Still no response to my email sent over the weekend to their email address at

It’s been an all around pretty disappointing affair.

Schott Zwiesel Boston Shaker - Shaker 3 parts instead of 2 sigh.. Shaker 3 parts instead of 2 sigh..

Schott Zwiesel Boston Shaker - Separated base from tin Separated base from tin



I never did receive any response directly from the company; it would seem it is a black hole email address.   I did however receive a response from Fortessa Tableware Solutions who are the North American distributors of Schott Zwiesel products.  Fortessa has been very accommodating and replaced my set.  Thank you.  I hope that this one will last longer.


I guess it was just a matter of time.  Glass portion shattered while shaking.  I consider myself lucky that I didn't slice open my hand!

Schott Zwiesel Boston Shaker - Broken Glass

Schott Zwiesel Boston Shaker - Broken Glass