My Experiences

2018, Oct 03    


  • looking for faster dsl speeds and 50/10 vdsl is now available at my address
  • called in and set for install in ~10 minutes
  • asked for install during noon and evening periods
  • tested the line and said 50 mbps down and only 9.5 mbps up available
  • ended up having appointment between 8-12 in the morning
  • asked for modem to be set in bridged mode upon shipping


  • modem arrives not bridged
  • username on provided sticker for admin access to router is incorrect Admin vs admin (minor thing)


  • tech calls before 8am saying he is on his way
  • arrives on time
  • little over 1 km from dslam
  • can maybe provide 15/0.9 interleave but still unstable.. definitely no 25 or 50 mbps
  • should not have allowed the installation to happen in the first place
  • leaves around 11:30 am unable to complete the installation for requested speed profile 50/10 vdsl

called initially around 11:30AM

  • cancel service obviously
  • will send info over email
  • no prepaid shipping label received
  • mentions that i am renting a modem now when modem was purchased..
  • call back to get a prepaid shipping label
  • they don’t do that.. speaks to manager .. ask specifically for canada post prepaid
  • want to ship today immediately
  • will be sent out shortly
  • call back around 4:30PM .. supposedly it has been sent to some other department and they need to send it to me
  • supposed to receive it before 5PM .. of course it doesn’t arrive
  • comment how disappointed that i was not offered any type of callback in regards to this or solution to the problem
  • ask about getting a second adsl 6meg line.. they don’t sell them?!
  • called around 6:30 .. no managers.. no one can help me
  • supposed to get a call 2018-09-22..
  • received voicemail around 8pm and email sent


  • they received package with signature


  • received voicemail .. refund in 3-5 days


  • refund received


  • ordered 150/15 cable


  • installed around 9AM