Swagbucks Scam

2016, May 26    

I decided to try Swagbucks to see if their service was legitimate awhile back.  For those you don't know Swagbucks is one of the many online rewards type websites that litter the web.  You gain SB "points" that allow you to redeem them for certain things on their site.  You gain them by completing tasks such as watching videos or doing surveys among other things.

I accrued my points over several weeks by mostly watching videos.  Eventually I had enough points (500) to redeem for a giftcard worth 5 dollars.  I redeem and wait.

Several days pass and I log back in to check the status.  I'm greeted with an account deactivated message.  I email their support several times over the course of a week.  No response.

I rarely if ever try these types of things and it has once again proven to me that these sites are never legitimate.

Scam in my book.