T-Fal Canada replacement parts - Why do you make things so complicated?

2015, Jun 01    

T-fal wants you to make your purchases online through http://www.t-falonlinestore.ca/. This is fine and dandy except the part I have been looking for has been “Temporarily Out of Stock” for months now. I decided to actually try to contact them awhile ago in regards to their continual lack of supply of a certain replacement part.

The contact us page has a contact form and a customer service number. I decided to use email and received a retry timeout exceeded rejection mail from their servers.

I did a bit of googling and found another address to try customer@ca.groupeseb.com. This gives me a 550 bounced email.

Seriously? There is no way to contact your company via email!

What’s next you say? The phone number.

1-800-418-3325 is the number provided for Canadian parts. There is a nice annoying phone ivr that never actually connects you with a human. Simple things like error detection on invalid number pushes and press 0 to get an operator are nonexistent. I can actually crash your ivr on invalid input. You wait and wait until it eventually dumps you to a voicemail box that tells you will receive a callback in 48 hours. A callback is never actually done in my experience.

The last part is the hours of operation for your phone support.

Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Friday 8:30AM to 1:00PM

Is this a joke? Are you trying to be a bank or something? Get with the times.

In the end it’s just a complete and total failure.