UPS: Do you even bother to deliver packages anymore?

2015, Apr 15    

This is an overview of how to completely mismanage a situation and make a bad situation worse.

A package was supposed to be delivered Tuesday April 14, 2015.  The delivery person left a notice to pickup the package at one of your stores.  I was home all day and never heard the doorbell ring.  This has never been an isolated incident, I've personally seen UPS drivers run up and stick a missed delivery notice on the door before.

The "attempt" was made at 14:23 on Tuesday April 14, 2015.  I took the notice and made a re-delivery request on at 15:43 Tuesday April 14, 2015.

I'm waiting around all day on Wednesday April 15, 2015 expecting the package to be delivered.  No change on the UPS website regarding the package.

I call UPS to find out what's going on Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 13:00.   I'm told I must let 24 hours lapse.  I actually asked your rep if I must call back in 2 hours to have the exact conversation again.  She said "YES".  Wow.

Called back around 2-3 hours later and am now told I must wait 48 hours for this "re-delivery".  I'm sick of the nonsense and ask to speak to a manager.  I ask the manager why my package was not delivered today and why the status has not changed.  No answer.

I also ask what happened to the normal 3 delivery attempts and then send to the depot/store?  Seems like this policy is not around anymore?  Honestly, what's the point in being a courier company if you only "attempt" a delivery once and force the customer to pickup?  I was still not able to get a response as to why multiple delivery attempts are now forbidden.

This manager says that I should have certainly had the package delivered today given that the re-delivery request was so quick.  She tells me that I will receive a phone call to see what can be done about delivery today.

Receive a phone call from some random woman from UPS who really doesn't know what's she is talking about.  Has me confused with some other customer.  Very unprofessional.  She tells me that they haven't done 3 delivery attempts in years as if I should be completely versed in your company’s practices.  I'm told that now I must wait another 48 hours for this package to be delivered.  The earliest would be Friday April 17, 2015.  I ask to speak to a manager or someone in authority and she tells me that she can pass me to the woman sitting next to her but she too will be of no use.  Honestly, do you train your people?  Unbelievable.

Where is the ownership in this issue?  EVERY SINGLE PERSON I SPEAK WITH CANNOT ADEQUATELY DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM AT HAND.  Why are there no multiple delivery attempts?  Why was the package not left at the door?  Why was my re-delivery attempt not processed?  Why does it take so long to deliver a simple package?  Why do you have no executive customer care?  Why do you have no complaints department?  Why was the ups pickup store not in my area?

There is a reason as to why I would NEVER use UPS for shipping packages.  Unfortunately, the sender of my package used UPS without my knowledge.

Who is going to actually get this package to my doorstep?  This behaviour is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

ps. your online "support" is just as bad.