ACE Bakery: What Happened To Your Crisps?

2018, Jul 16    

Ace Artisan Crisps

Monday July 9, 2018:

I recently bought a box of ACE Bakery’s Olive and Sea Salt Artisan Crisps and was quite disappointed in the quality. I’ve been buying these for quite some time but I have started to notice a real slip in quality recently. The most current batch were quite stale and inedible.

I decided to call the number on the box (1-800-443-7929) to see if I could get some resolution.

The number connected to a standard voicemail box with a bunch of call forwarding options. The option for customer service doesn’t work. Pressing 0 to connect to an operator also receives no response. All of this during standard business hours.

I decide to send off an email to as listed on the box.

A response from customer service was received within the hour asking for more information such as upc, expiry date, my mailing address, pictures, date of purchase etc.

An investigation will be opened and they would like to replace the affected product.

I follow up later that day with all pertinent information. Very impressed.

Monday July 16, 2018:

I send a followup email stating that a week has passed and I’ve yet to hear anything back.

I received a response via email detailing the changes that are going to be made. The following changes will be implemented:

Management, supervision and Quality Assurance have all been made aware of this issue. The crisp supervisor will monitor the baking time and temperature, and packing process to ensure it is to standard. In addition, Quality Assurance performs a spot check evaluation, to ensure that the product characteristics including taste are up to the standards.

I also received a letter in the mail explaining the situation and provided some redeemable coupons for ACE Bakery products.

Thank you for the swift and professional resolution to the issues I had with your product.