and lost packages

2018, Oct 03    

I ordered a package from Amazon on September 22, 2018 expecting it get it before October. I received an email on September 25, 2018 stating that the item was shipped.

Upon checking the carrier’s website several days later I see the following information:

Electronic information submitted by shipper on September 25, 2018.

Amazon’s tracking states the following:

Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit

The estimated delivery date of September 28, 2018 passes with no delivery.

I’ve never seen this sit at a standstill like this before.

Amazon’s tracking can’t tell me where the package is and wants me to wait another week before anything can be done. This actually seems to be quite common as it is supposedly within the Amazon fulfillment chain but nobody really knows.

Several days later I decide to contact the carrier and they tell me that they only have electronically submitted shipping information and they have not picked up the package. They suggest I open a ticket with them and so I do this.

The next day I receive a refund confirmation from Amazon stating the following:

You ordered the item below, but the package was returned to us by the carrier. We’ve issued your refund.

Never did I ask for a refund. All I wanted was the actual product.

I end up calling Amazon asking what is happening here. Initially, they didn’t even see that the order was refunded and cancelled. They also cannot send me the package unless I make another order for the same item. Ridiculous. I place another and get them to pay for 1 day shipping.

This could have easily been resolved earlier in first week of October when I specifically asked for them to ship a replacement yet they refused to do so. Now 5 days later I need to resubmit and order to receive the product.

Package arrives around 1:30PM on Friday October 5, 2018. They didn’t even pack it in a box. This is the first time I have ever seen Amazon simply place a sticker on the product box and ship it out.