Ban is banned from stores

2019, Jul 21    

Ban deodorant seems to not be popular enough anymore to be stocked in Canadian stores. The product is not being carried in physical stores anymore due to apparent lack of demand.

A call to their support line at 1-866-226-3363 confirms this as they are receiving no orders from stores for this product anymore. They mentioned that Canada carries only 2 of their product lines. Roll-on unscented and powder fresh. Apparently they have quite a few varying products in their lineup.

This seems quite odd as I’ve been using this product for years with no sign of it being unpopular enough for stores to discontinue stocking it.

Their support suggests buying online and physical store stock is depleted.

Amazon Canada has a wait time of up to 4 weeks for an order. Walmart has online stock but none in their stores according to their website. Shoppers Drug Mart has no physical stock. Loblaws and Metro food retailers have no stock in the stores I frequent.

This reminds me of what happened to Squirrel peanut butter. They were bought out and eventually replaced by Skippy peanut butter. Skippy then decided they didn’t want to sell peanut butter in Canada anymore and simply left. Jif who previously left Canada came back and filled the void that Skippy left.

Much like peanut butter I will be switching brands. Ban’s phone support suggested the same.