Github: How to get an account flagged

2020, Feb 19    

I found out recently that my 7 year old Github account was flagged. A big red banner proclaiming your flagged status is displayed at the top of the main Github page when you login to your account. What exactly does flagged mean you say? According to them it is the following:

Your account has been flagged. Because of that, your profile is hidden from the public. If you believe this is a mistake, contact support to have your account status reviewed.

Now your code and any Github pages are offline.

After emailing Github I received a response several days later telling me that I “supposedly” own multiple accounts and you are only allowed one account per individual. The only issue is that I do not own multiple accounts.

They listed a bunch of accounts with emails that are using plus addressing on my own email address. For example:

They want me to delete these extra accounts that I do not own as they cannot purge accounts themselves for some strange reason. Icing on the cake is that they are now completely ignoring any correspondence regarding this issue. Real professional Github.

This account is now gone.

If you want revenge on any individual on Github then start creating multiple Github accounts with your victims email address using plus addressing. Their account will soon be flagged and be left in the same situation as myself.