Pizzaville: My Experiences

2020, Jun 13    

Back in November of 2019 I ordered a pizza from Pizzaville via the internet. I pay using a credit card and include a 20% tip.

The pizza is delivered and the delivery person starts throwing a fit about not being tipped. I ask him to produce the receipt which he has failed to attach the actual order. He rummages through his pockets and finds it. I ask him to read the tip section. He reads it back and notices that it indicates a 20% tip for himself.

I promptly close the door.

A phone call is placed to customer service and I let them know that this type of behaviour is not acceptable and that they need to revise the way the drivers interact with delivery customers.

They are apologetic and make it clear that they will make the store aware that this is not appropriate behaviour.

7 months pass. I’m getting a little peckish one evening and decide to try Pizzaville again.

I notice that they now have a contactless delivery service so I add that option to my order. You must prepay for this option to be enabled so I pay by credit card. The pizza is delivered outside the door while the driver is standing back. I say thank you and he is gone.

The pizza box is wrapped in a huge plastic bag which I remove. The pizza box itself now has a big sticker placed on an edge which I presume is to indicate that no tampering has occurred. I finally open up the pizza box and …

The whole pizza is undercooked. The meat is literally raw on 80% of the pie.

I check the receipt under cooking instructions which you may specify during the order process. It is marked well done as I specified during checkout. This is a three topping pizza so it’s not like it is overloaded and unable to cook properly.

I’ve had it. I call up Pizzaville and start talking with their customer service. I explain that my pizza is well undercooked and I want a refund. They ignore what I say and offer a free pizza on my next order. I refuse and ask for a refund. I’m told that if the pizza is untouched they can come, pick it up and refund me on my credit card. I agree. I’m put on hold some some reason and several minutes pass before being reconnected.

I am now told that their previous statement is not feasible due to the current COVID-19 measures. Why did you even mention this in the first place? They now cannot refund me. The operator says they can pass me to a manager if I wish. I do. Several minutes pass and the same individual comes back on the line and says they will void the transaction and my card will be credited in 2-3 business days.

I ask for a ticket number or some means of proof of this conversation. Nothing. The individual refuses to even give their first name and says I must contact this support number if I have any further issues.

Another pizza joint in my blacklist.