My Experiences

2017, Aug 23    

My first dealings with was 2 years ago when I ordered a refurbished Thinkpad T420 laptop.  I normally stay far away from anything refurbished but I heard some good things regarding the quality of the goods.  They  pride themselves on offering grade A refurbished equipment with a genuine Windows license.

The order was placed and delivered within a reasonable time.  I was quite impressed with the status of the laptop as it looked very lightly used cosmetically and the battery only had several charges on it.

Flash forward 2 years later and I was looking for another T420 so I decided to order another one with the only difference being that it was outfitted with 8 gigabytes of ram.

My experiences were totally different this time as I actually had to deal with their customer service.

The timeline is as follows:


  • order placed for Thinkpad T420 i5 2520m 2.5GHz, 8GB Ram, 320GB HDD, Windows 10 Professional laptop


  • inquired about shipping status and was told it would be shipping on the 26/27


  • item received
  • laptop has the following issues:
  • power supply barrel connector has green corrosion all over it indicating improper storage of the unit and laptop
  • the hard disk contained the slim version of hard disk (7mm) along with custom rails instead of the standard size hard disk (9.5mm) with appropriate rails
  • touchpad and buttons texture completely worn off due to extreme use and abuse
  • laptop lid and palmrest covered with a plastic skin that would serve no other purpose than to hide defects
  • the windows 10 pro refurbished key has had the scratch-off portion already removed indicating tampering
  • the 2 installed memory sticks are missing the fru (field replacement unit) sticker indicating non-genuine parts
  • battery has some blemishes and a cycle count well over 200 indicating very heavy usage
  • called 1-844-573-3872 numerous times with no answers and voicemail was full
  • email sent 2pm indicating issues
  • received email at 4:21pm wanting proof of purchase, serial numbers of the unit and photos
  • email sent at 4:54pm with all requested information explicitly asking for refund and prepaid shipping label


  • called 1-844-573-3872 numerous times with no answer and received an automated prompt asking to leave a message for a random mailbox number
  • called 1-844-573-3872 spoke to a represenative about rma process around 2:30pm
  • email received with rma instructions and prepaid shipping label shortly thereafter
  • shipped via canada post


  • delivered and signed at destination at 11:47am


  • email sent asking about refund status at 11:02pm
  • previous rma email stated 5-7 business days for a refund yet still no refund issued


  • no response to my email
  • launched paypal dispute 12:09am
  • seller refunded at 1:11pm


  • refund processed by my bank

Based on my experience it would seem that there is a single person who is in their customer service department.  The fact that their voicemail isn't even setup to announce a business name is very unprofessional.  This number is extremely hit or miss and tends to err on the side of miss 95% of the time. seems to be the retail facing frontend of CNB Computers.

I was very pleased with my original order 2 years ago but since this last order I will not be dealing with them again. Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad Thinkpad